Songs from the Psalms

Over this past summer Chelsea and I took on the challenging and rewarding task of writing a collection of songs. Our church spent time studying through one Psalm per week, and Chelsea and I had the joy to set each Psalm to music and serve the church by singing them every Sunday.

Well, we are so excited to announce that this collection of songs will be the foundation for our first studio album!

recording day edit

We’re mostly done with the actual recording, and it is coming along great!


We are in the final stages of completing this project and we need to raise some funds to have the album mixed, mastered and printed. Please navigate to the link below to find out how to pledge your support!


We’re so thankful for your support!
We anticipate these songs will bless you and encourage you in your love for Christ.

With love,

Geoff & Chelsea Grant



Welcome to our website! We are Geoff and Chelsea Grant, lovers of Christ, music, family, and culture. Our hope for this site is to fill it with thoughts and projects that flow through our lives every day.

We love people, and we are so thankful for the many people the Lord has allowed us to be in community with – family, church family, colleagues, and dear friends. But some three or four years ago, we decided to free our lives from the chatter of social media. We are not anti social media, nor would we impose that decision on others. We wanted to slow down our lives to focus on real relationships, spend time doing things worth doing, and find our value not the eyes of others, but in the eyes of our creator, In pursuit of this we were led to free ourselves from the pull of that secondary reality. Unfortunately, one of the things we lost with this decision was a way to simply communicate with our community.

With that said, this website is one of our conscious efforts to keep our loved ones up to speed on our lives while at the same time keeping a healthy distance from some of the media platforms own which we prefer not to use. Here, you’ll find music we make, lessons we learn and experiences we share. Welcome to the family!